Origin: Southern Europe

Family: Lamiaceae
Scientific Name: Thymus vulgaris


Element: Water
Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Libra

Parts used: Herb

Magical Properties: Health, clairvoyance, purification, love, courage

Substitutions: Rosemary


Thyme was burned in temples in Ancient Greece in order to purify the space.

It was also rumoured that brushing thyme across your eyes and wearing it would enable one to see faeries.

Magical Uses


Part Used: Herb
Extraction Method: Steam distillation
Flash Point: 60°C

Scent Type: Herbaceous
Perfume Note: Middle/top
Scent Description: Herbaceous, slightly sweet scent

Aromatherapeutic Use

Blends well with: citrus, lavender, rosemary, and pine.



There are roughly 350 species in the genus of Thymus, native to temperate regions in Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Type: Herb
Plant Height: up to 40cm
Stems: Thin, wiry stems
Leaves: Small, oval leaves, arranged oppositely
Flowers: Small clusters of white, yellow, or pink/purple flowers

In the Garden

Type: Perennial ground-cover
Sow: Spring
Light: Full sun
Water: Keep slightly moist
Soil: Well-drained

Companion Planting: Strawberry, cabbage