Welcome to Nyx’s digital Grimoire.

I have created this to keep track of my research and learning. As most resources are based off practice in Western Europe and America, it’s difficult as an Australian practitioner to find information that takes our seasons, timings, and flora and fauna into account, so I’m hoping that some of the information here may also be helpful to others.

For those who aren’t Australian, perhaps this can serve as inspiration for how to adapt things to your own bioregion! Or give those in more mainstream locations the experience of viewing things through the lens of a foreign place.


This is a work in progress.

While a wide range of research sources have been considered, the information herein reflects my own personal opinions and correspondences. While some correspondences may be more traditional or widely-used, others may differ entirely - I believe everyone should draw from multiple resources, but ultimately be filtered through your own context and understanding.

My associations and correspondences are highly influenced by my location. I live in Perth, Western Australia - built on the land of the Wadjuk people of the Noongar nation, which was stolen and has never been ceded. I have tried to draw from wisdom shared by the traditional peoples of this land, where it is available and appropriate.