Origin: Italy

Family: Rutaceae
Subfamily: Aurantioideae
Scientific Name: Citrus x bergamia


Element: Air
Day: Sunday
Planet: Uranus
Zodiac: Virgo
Deities: Hermes, Mercury, Ra

Parts Used: Fruits, flowers, leaves

Magical Properties: Courage, success, protection, legal, hex-breaking

Substitutions: Orange, or any other citrus.


Part Used: Peel
Extraction Method: Cold-pressed
Flash Point: 58°C

Scent Type: Citrus
Perfume Note: Top/middle
Scent Description: Sweet, citrusy, and slightly floral

Aromatherapeutic Uses

Blends well with: Cypress, frankincense, geranium, jasmine, lavender, mandarin, neroli, nutmeg, orange



Genetic research into citrus fruits have pinpointed Bergamot as most likely being a hybrid of lemon and bitter orange. The flavour is less sour than lemon, but more bitter than grapefruit.

Type: Small tree
Plant size: 3-5m
Leaves: Oval-shaped
Flowers: Fragrant white flowers
Fruit: Yellow fruits that resemble oranges

Etymology: From the Italian bergamotto, which comes from the Turkish beg-armudu meaning “prince’s pear".

In the Garden

Type: Evergreen tree
Sow: Spring
Light: Full sun
Water: Keep moderately dry
Soil: Well-drained, slightly acidic