Origin: Europe, Northern Africa, and Asia

Family: Asteraceae
Subfamily: Asteroideae
Tribe: Anthemideae

Folk Names: Camomyle, chamaimelon, ground apple, roynetree.

Selected Varieties:


Arguments are presented for multiple (arguably conflicting) sets of correspondences for chamomile. Some argue it should be given solar associations, due to the bright colour and scent of the flowers, while others argue that its healing qualities suggest it should be associated with water and the moon. I have listed my personal correspondences first (which is absolutely inconsistent), with the alternate in brackets for reference.

Element: Water (fire)
Day: Sunday (Monday)
Planet: Sun, (Venus)
Zodiac: Cancer, Leo
Associated Celebrations: Litha, Ostara, (Yule)
Deities: Apollo, Balder, Cernunnos, Hypnos, Woden

Parts used: Flowers & flowering tops

Magical Properties: Balance, communication, forgiveness, friendship, love, luck, meditation, peace, prosperity, protection, purification, spirituality, success, victory

Substitutions: Lavender

Magical Uses:


Medicinal Properties: Anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, relaxation, soothing

Medicinal Uses

Beauty Uses: