Origin: Eurasia and northern Africa

Family: Asteraceae
Scientific Name: Artemisia absinthium

Folk Names: Absinthe, Crown for a King, green ginger, old woman


Element: Air
Day: Thursday
Planet: Pluto
Zodiac: Scorpio
Associated Celebrations: ShadowFest, Quickening
Deities: Artemis, Diana, Iris, maiden goddesses

Parts Used: The herb

Magical Properties: Clairvoyance, divination, protection, banishing, exorcism

Substitutions: Mugwort


Type: Perennial herb
Plant size: up to 1.2m
Leaves: Silky leaves are greenish-grey above and white below. Leaves at the base are up to 25cm long and multiply-divided. Leaves on the stems are 5-10cm long, narrower, with less division.
Flowers: Early summer to early autumn. Pale yellow, tubular flowers clustered in spherical heads.

Etymology: Artemisia comes from Ancient Greek Artemis. Absinthum is from apsinthion, meaning the same.

In the Garden

Type: Partially-evergreen perennial
Sow: Spring
Light: Bright sun
Soil: Well-drained

Companion Planting: Wormwood is not a good companion plant, and tends to stunt the growth of those planted around it. It also impairs the flavour of coriander and dill.