Origin: Australia

Family: Casuarinaceae
Scientific Name: Allocasuarina fraseriana

Indigenous (Noongar) Names: Kondil, kulli, gulli, kewll
Folk Names: Beefwood, bulloak (or buloke), cassowary tree, ironwood


Element: Water
Day: Monday
Planet: Moon, Neptune
Zodiac: Cancer
Associated Celebrations: ShadowFest

Parts Used: Leaves, fruit (cones), wood.

Magical Properties: Fertility (particularly feminine fertility), motherhood, tranquillity, spirituality, healing, intuition, compassion, wisdom, balance, family

Substitutions: Willow (Druidic Ogham equivalent)


Sheoak was important to Noongar peoples' spirituality, as well as social and emotional well-being:

Magical Uses


The oak-like timber is popular for furniture, decorative woodwork, and in building (largely as roof shingles, floorboards, and panelling), and was once favoured for use in beer casks. The wood also makes good firewood, particularly as it doesn’t generate much ash.

The extensive root system and carpeting of ‘needles’ makes these trees useful for stabilising areas prone to soil erosion. They are sometimes used as an ornamental plant, although those same features can be a factor in their suitability for that purpose.

Indigenous Uses:


“She-oak” is used to refer to the entire Casuarinaceae family, which contains 4 genera and 91 species. These were all classified under the genre Casuarina until the 1980s.

Sheoaks have nitrogen-fixing root systems, and the dropped needle-like twiglet “leaves” tend to form a carpet underneath the tree.

Type: Evergreen shrubs and trees
Plant size: 1m-35m
Bark: Dark, hard bark, with a tightly textured appearance.
Leaves: Drooping evergreen horsetail twiglets, with tiny tooth-like leaves growing around the joints.
Flowers: Form spikes/heads of small flowers at the end of branchlets, which have differing structure in male vs female flowers (which may or may not exist on the same tree, depending on the species).
Fruit: Round, woody, cone-like fruits.

Etymology: The drooping branches being reminiscent of cassowary feathers lead to the name “Casuarina” (from the Malay word ‘kasuari'). “She-oak” is a reference to the similarity of timber quality with oak.

In the Garden

Type: Evergreen shrub/tree
Light: Prefers full sun
Water: Drought-resistant once established
Soil: Not fussed - will even tolerate a degree of salinity