Origin: Western Australia

Family: Myrtaceae
Subfamily: Myrtoideae
Tribe: Eucalypteae
Scientific name: Eucalyptus erythrocorys

Folk Names: Red-capped gum, helmet nut gum
Indigenous (Noongar) Names: Illyarrie


Element: Fire
Direction: North
Day: Sunday
Planet: Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Associated celebrations: Reflection

Magical Properties: Health, happiness, courage, energy, creativity, protection, clarity, vitality

Substitutions: Juniper, wattle


Illyarrie is a popular tree for public landscaping due to its size and showy flowers.


Type: Evergreen trees or mallees
Plant size: 3-10m
Bark: Smooth creamy-coloured, with some rough brown patches persisting on the trunk; sheds in short ribbons or small polygonal flakes
Leaves: Glossy green sickle/lance-shaped or curved leaves, 9-20cm long and 1-3cm wide
Flowers: Bunuru: Petals/sepals form a bright red cap (operculum) which detaches to reveal ‘flowers’ of bright yellow fluffy stamens gathered in 4 groups
Fruit: Woody, bell-shaped fruits 3-4cm long and 3-5.5cm wide

Etymology: The species name erythrocorys is taken from the Greek words erythro meaning “red” and korys meaning “helmet” in reference to the bright red operculum.

In the Garden

Type: Mallee/trees
Light: Bright light
Water: Drought-tolerant
Soil: Well-draining