Origin: Sumatra (Indonesia)

Family: Styracaceae
Scientific Name: Styrax benzoin (Sumatra benzoin) & S. tonkinensis (Siam benzoin)

Folk Names: Benjamin tree, gum Benjamin, styrax


Element: Air
Day: Wednesday
Planet: Saturn
Zodiac: Taurus
Deities: Aphrodite/Venus, Area, Hathor, Mut

Parts used: Resin

Magical Properties: Purification, astral projection, prosperity, cleansing, intellect, consecration, longevity

Substitutions: Gum Arabic, gum mastic

Magical Uses


Part Used: Resin
Extraction Method: Solvent extraction
Flash Point: 135°C

Scent Type: Spicy
Perfume Note: Middle/base
Scent Description: Woody and slightly vanilla

Aromatherapeutic Uses

Benzoin is relaxing and calming, and can help with stress and nervous tension.



Type: Tree
Plant Height: 12-30m
Leaves: Dark, oval leaves, 1-18cm long and 2-10cm across
Flowers: White, hanging flowers with 5 petals
Fruit: Oblong fruits with a central seed