SumSol Celebrations

    The summer solstice in Australia is a little sad this year. The solstice generally marks the start of our proper summer weather, and yet we’ve already broken records in most of the country for the hottest days on record, and most of the country is on fire. As much as I enjoy the warmer weather, the broader implications are not so nice. [Continue reading...]

Beltane 2019

    I just realised I posted about my Beltane elsewhere but not here! The Sunday before, we had a freak warm day (36°C/98°F),so I decided to take advantage for an early Beltane! I’ve recently decided to spend more time in the lovely gardens a couple of blocks from my house, so I got dolled up in a cute floral dress, and took myself on a picnic date. [Continue reading...]

Samhain Pumpkin Scones

    Something that seems to be becoming a repeat theme is my autumnal food. Food is one of my favourite ways to mark the turning of the wheel, and this is the second year in a row I’ve made a curry and pumpkin scones to mark an autumnal sabbat (last year djeran (our autumn season) started around Mabon, but this year Samhain was the first that felt like autumn). [Continue reading...]

Creating a Wheel of the Year

    I've been struggling with this 'Wheel of the Year' concept for quite a while. I live in the Southern Hemisphere, with a very different natural and agricultural pattern to the Northern Hemisphere (which doesn't get any closer when you flip it), in an area with 6 distinct seasons, and I just get more confused the more I think about it. [Continue reading...]

Wheel of the Year… with 6 Seasons?

    So I’ve been semi working on creating my own wheel of the year, as neither the standard Northern or Southern Hemisphere wheel fits within the natural or agricultural cycles of my area. My struggle is the number of sabbats. [Continue reading...]

Essential Oils: A Cautionary Tale

    So while I’m obsessive about safely when it comes to other people, I tend to not be so cautious when it comes to myself. [Continue reading...]

Herbal Tea Supplies

    So I see the question of herb supplies come up a lot. Obviously growing things yourself is the ideal, and foraging can be pretty nifty. Supermarkets are a little less magical, but they have a few things.. But not as much as a bulk food store! [Continue reading...]

Spring Equinox

    Sabbats are a bit of a finicky area for me. I’m chronically ill (so I don’t have the capacity to do a lot), I don’t follow a Wiccan path (so a lot of the myth is meaningless to me), and the flipped Wheel of the Year still really doesn’t line up with Australian natural cycles. I have been working on creating my own wheel, but I’ve only just started. That said, I have still done a little in observance of the spring equinox. [Continue reading...]

Cold & Aches Remedy

    So I currently have a crappy cold, on top of which my back injury is playing up, so I thought I’d add some natural/magical assistance into the mix as well! [Continue reading...]

Chronic Pain Bath Salts

    Today I finally made the baths salts I've been planning for a few weeks! I'm planning to make a few different ones over time, so first I just mixed up a big batch of a generic bath salt mix [Continue reading...]

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