Working on my Wheel of the Year

Sunday March 15, 2020

I’ve slowly been working on my wheel of the year over the past couple years, and this it’s latest incarnation.

Digital sketch of a wheel of the year

My corner of Australia really doesn’t match up with the “traditional” wheel, even rotated 180° for the southern hemisphere - neither our seasons nor our agricultural calendar line up with the Eurocentric systems.

We have 6 distinct seasons (which are listed with the Noongar names, who are the peoples whose land we live on), which already throws a lot out - eg “autumn” overlaps with the latter half of Bunuru, which is generally our hottest, driest season. Things die off over summer, due to the heat and lack of rain, and come alive in winter. Our grain harvest is usually wrapped up by the end of November, 2 months before the first “harvest festival”, and by Samhain, we’re about to start sowing the next! So I’ve been working on creating something that makes sense with the land I live on.

I’m not Wiccan (or pagan) so I don’t have names for the “major sabbats”, but I see determined that I like the balance of having something in those spaces, and I’ve gotten as far as themes for them!

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