Australian Herbal Grimoire Printables

Monday February 1, 2021

So one of the things that’s been a massive part of my practice, especially as an Aussie witch, has been adapting my craft to where I am, and one of my big passions there has been focusing on building my herbal grimoire of local/native plants!

It’s really hard to find witchy info on Australian flora, so I recently decided to make up some printable grimoire pages of a few! For any Aussie witches, or any witches from elsewhere in the world who just wanna learn more about our cool plants!

Grimoire page for Banksia

I’ve currently made 15, which come in two bundles:

They all come in A4 and letter size, with copies with/without the antique paper background, as well as with a fancy script font or more readable serif font.

Grimoire pages for Bottlebrush, Eucalyptus, and Grevillea

I do have a few more Aussie herbs still on my list, and I’ve considered adding one or two different styles, as well. Likewise I’m interested in expanding to more common herbs, plus a bunch of other information.

It’s really hard to find info that legitimately accounts for those practicing outside of Western Europe or North America, let alone printables! And the all the printables I have seen are full of culturally-appropriative and/or racist info. So I’m interested in creating things that are a) more directed towards Aussie & southern hemisphere folks, and b) actively anti-racist. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see, let me know!

Grimoire pages for Tea-Tree and Wattle

You can find all of this over at Nyx Apothecary!

Oh, and for other Aussies, I also make physical things like candles, bath salts, and perfume/anointing oils.