Origin: Asia

Family: Rutaceae
Subfamily: Aurantioideae
Scientific Name: Citrus reticulata


Element: Fire
Day: Sunday
Planet: The Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Deities: Sekhmet

Parts Used: Fruits, flowers, leaves

Magical Properties: Spirituality, creativity, happiness

Substitutions: Orange


Perfume Note: Top
Part Used: Peel
Flash Point: 48°C

Scent Type: Citrus
Extraction Method: Cold-pressed
Scent Description: Sweet, floral-citrus scent



According to genetic studies, mandarins appear to be one of the original citrus fruits (along with citrons and pomelos).

Type: Tree
Plant size: up to 8m
Bark: Trunk and major branches have thorns
Leaves: Small, green, shiny leaves
Flowers: Small white flowers, singly or in small groups
Fruit: Orange, round fruits, 4-8cm across. Easy to peel, with segments which come apart easily.

Etymology: The species name comes from the Latin reticulate, meaning “netted,” in reference to the white net-like pith underneath the peel.

In the Garden

Type: Evergreen tree
Sow: Spring
Light: Full sun
Water: Water regularly
Soil: Well-drained