Origin: Western Australia

Family: Myrtaceae
Subfamily: Myrtoideae
Tribe: Eucalypteae
Scientific name: Eucalyptus marginata

Folk Names: Swan River mahogany
Indigenous (Noongar) Names: Jarrah


Element: Earth
Direction: East
Day: Saturday
Planet: Saturn
Zodiac: Capricorn
Associated celebrations: SumSol

Parts used: Leaves, gum, wood

Magical Properties: Health, strength, protection, grounding, longevity, wisdom

Substitutions: Banksia, Karri


Indigenous Medicinal Uses:


The dark, thick honey produced using jarrah flowers is very popular.

Jarrah timber is highly prized for its heaviness, dark/rich colour, and pest-resistance. Due to its rot resistance, jarrah can be used to make hot tubs.

Indigenous Uses:


Type: Evergreen tree or mallee
Plant size: up to 40mm
Bark: Rough, grey-brown fibrous stringybark, which sheds in long, flat strips
Leaves: Lance-shaped (often curved) leaves, 8-13cm long and 1.5-3cm wide, dark green above and slightly paler below
Flowers: Birak: Conical flowers with cream or pink stamens
Fruit: Woody, almost-spherical fruits, 1-2cm long

Etymology: Marginata is a Latin word meaning “furnished with a border”, noting that, compared to E. robusta “the margin [of the leaves] is more thickened”.