Origin: Europe and Western Asia

Family: Adoxaceae
Scientific Name: Sambucus nigra

Folk Names: Alhuren, battree, blood (sap), boure tree, devil’s eye, eldrum, ellhorn, Frau Holle, Lady Ellhorn, old gal, old lady, pipe tree, Rob Elder, sweet elder, tree of doom


Element: Water
Day: Friday
Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Libra
Associated Celebrations: SumSol
Deities: Dyrads, Ellewoman, Holda, Freya, Hylde-Moer, Venus, and all mother goddess figures

Parts used: Flowers, berries

Magical Properties: Love, money, purification, healing, prosperity, protection, hex-breaking, faeries

Substitutions: Chamomile


Elder trees are associated with communicating with Elementals. It is rumoured that if you sit under an elder tree and quietly ask a question, the plant sprite will give

Magical Uses