Origin: South/East Asia and Oceania

Family: Rutaceae
Subfamily: Aurantioideae
Scientific Name: Citrus spp.

Selected Varieties:


Element: Fire and water
Direction: North
Day: Sunday
Planet: The Sun
Zodiac: Leo
Associated Celebrations: SumSol

Parts Used: Fruits, flowers, leaves

Magical Properties: Happiness, protection, success, love, purification, creativity, psychic skills, energy

Substitutions: Any of the citrus fruits can be substituted for each other.


According to genetic studies, mandarins appear to be one of the original citrus fruits (along with citrons and pomelos).

Type: Tree
Plant size: up to 8m
Bark: Trunk and major branches have thorns
Leaves: Small, green, shiny leaves
Flowers: Small white flowers, singly or in small groups
Fruit: Orange, round fruits, 4-8cm across. Easy to peel, with segments which come apart easily.

In the Garden

Type: Evergreen tree
Sow: Spring
Light: Full sun
Water: Water regularly
Soil: Well-drained