Origin: Australia

Family: Fabaceae
Subfamily: Faboideae
Tribe: Crotalarieae
Scientific Name: Crotalaria cunninghamii

Folk Names: Green birdflower, regal birdflower


Element: Air
Day: Wednesday
Planet: Uranus
Zodiac: Aquarius

Parts Used: Flowers

Magical Properties: Friendship, happiness, transition, communication, harmony, conscious mind, creativity, family, intuition


Indigenous Medicinal Uses:


Birdflower plants can be useful for preventing the erosion of sand dunes

Indigenous Uses:


Birdflowers are found in the northern half of WA, NT, and central desert areas of Australia.

Type: Perennial
Plant size: 1m-3m
Leaves: Silvery-green, pointed oval leaves, 3cm long. Slightly velvety.
Flowers: Bunuru to Djeran in Perth (longer in warmer climates): Green, bird-shaped pea flowers, in clusters, attached to the stem by the beak.
Fruit: The seed pods are up to 5cm long, and the seeds rattle inside when dried.

Etymology: Crotalaria comes from the Ancient Greek krotalon, meaning “castanet”, and the species is named after botanist Allan Cunningham.

In the Garden

Type: Perennial
Sow: October
Light: Bright light
Water: Minimal water
Soil: Sandy, well-draining