Aloe Vera

Origin: Arabian Peninsula

Family: Asphodelaceae
Subfamily: Asphodeloideae
Tribe: Aloeae
Scientific Name: Aloe vera

Folk Names: Burn plant, medicine plant


Element: Water
Day: Friday
Planet: The Moon
Moon Phase: Full moon
Zodiac: Cancer
Deities: Amun Ra, Artemis, moon goddesses, Venus, Vulcan

Parts Used: Leaves, gel

Magical Properties: Healing, love, luck, protection, success


Aloe vera is first recorded as being used medicinally in ancient Egypt (1550 BCE). It was also included in De Materia Medica and Natural History, both published in the first century CE.

Magical Uses


Medicinal Properties:

Parts Used: Gel, latex.

Medicinal Uses:

Interactions (internal use):




Aloe juice is a popular drink in much of the world.


Aloe is a great ingredient for use in beauty products like facial cleansers, moisturisers, hand sanitisers, or hair gels.


Type: Evergreen succulent
Plant size: 60-100cm
Leaves: Long, thick/fleshy green leaves with a serrated/toothed edge. Some varieties tend more towards grey, and/or have white spots.
Flowers: Flower spike in summer up to 90cm high, with several tubular yellow flowers 2-3cm long.

In the Garden

Type: Perennial
Light: Bright-medium light
Water: Keep dry
Soil: Well-drained