The Moon

Alchemical symbol for the Moon

Indigenous (Noongar) Name: Miga, miki, mimak, miak

Element: Water
Day: Monday
Zodiac: Cancer
Colour: Silver, white
Themes: Emotion, fertility, healing, spirituality, peace, psychic, sleep, divination, balance

Crystals: Aquamarine, beryl, chalcedony, clear quartz, moonstone, mother of pearl, pearl, sapphire, selenite


Lunar herbs often grow hear water, or have a high water content or juicy leaves. They might have white flowers, or moon-shaped leaves or seed pods.

Herbs: Aloe vera, coconut, evening primrose, grape, hops, jasmine, lemon, lemon balm, poppy, sandalwood, sheoak, star anise, willow

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