The Waning Moon

Waning moon phases (southern hemisphere view)

Themes: Decrease
Goddess Aspect: The Crone

Herbs: Elder, garlic, myrrh, parsley, willow

The waning moon is a time for winding down: for letting go of bad relationships, bad habits, negative thinking, and unfavourable situations. This is a great time to do workings for banishing, exorcism, and cleansing.

Waning Gibbous

Indigenous (Noongar) Name: Burno wandat

Sabbat: Reflection

Third Quarter

Indigenous (Noongar) Name: Jidik golang

Sabbat: AutEx (Mabon)

Waning Crescent

Indigenous (Noongar) Name: Narrat

Sabbat: ShadowFest (Samhain)

In the Garden

During the waning moon, sap recedes and growth below the soil is favoured: